About BoweModels

So what is BoweModels, who is behind it, where are they and what do they do?

Commercial Scale Modelling

BoweModels is a trading name of Bowe Productions Ltd, a UK company formed, managed and wholly owned by Steve Bowe for the purposes of marketing and selling his model making expertise. The company was formed in 2009 and has been operating full time since then, utilising Steves' decades of model building experience. Steve is the sole employee.

The company is based just outside Reading UK, and has private and commercial customers all over the world.

There are two distinct, but related, arms to the business. Firstly the construction of scale models, and secondly the construction of diorama bases.

The construction of scale models is usually undertaken based on commercially available kits, although some degree of conversion and enhancement to the basic kit, including customised markings, is often part of the work. As you will be able to see from the gallery, historically this has been centred on aircraft, however, more recently Steve has started to turn his hand to ships and cars as well.

The diorama side of the business started when customers began to ask for diorama bases on which to display the model being built. Steve is now producing stand alone diorama bases for customers, often to display models that they already possess.

Read more about Steve and his background here, and also check out more information on model commissions and diorama commissions. There is also a pricing guide and terms of engagement.

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