About Steve Bowe

Hi There!

My name is Steve Bowe, I live near Reading, U.K. and I have been building plastic model kits for the best part of twenty years now. That's not even counting the childhood "Airfix" fixation I went through in common with most people (well, boys anyway) of my generation. For many years I have been building for my own pleasure and also working on a number of commissions for friends and acquaintances on a paid or favour basis. A few years ago, as a result of a change in my employment situation and with the encouragement of those who saw good things in what I did, I decided to launch my services to the public.

The other side of me that comes out at night is a professional musician and recording artist, and I have already enjoyed some success in that area, having released a couple of albums. If you are interested, check out www.bowemusic.com. But enough plugging, back to the subject at hand.

I must confess to being a complete WWII nut. So much of the history has been ripped to shreds by modern, hindsight ridden "interpretations", but for me there is something incredibly seductive about that era, terrible though it was in so many ways. I'm one of those rather sad individuals who can recite every line from the script of "The Dambusters" and turns up at airshows, on my own (to avoid distractions), with a packed lunch, and just sits there all day, watching, oblivious to the world. And if that BBMF Lancaster makes an appearance you could hit me with a cricket bat and I wouldn't notice. There, I've finally admitted it.

I had to find some way of expressing this obsession creatively, and so enter the model making. The ability to re-create these magnificent machines in the comfort of my own home is a perfect outlet for it. If you've bothered to look at my music site you may also have noticed that my first music album release was a tribute to the Battle of Britain. Personally, I wanted it to be 55 minutes of nothing but the sound of Merlin engines, but that probably would have a limited appeal for the record buying public. Probably not for you though, reader.

I enjoy building great looking models. It's what I do all day, pretty much every day. It's the build I enjoy. Once finished, admired and photographed, I'm happy to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it as a model than let it gather dust on my own shelves whilst I eagerly move onto something new. That's why most of my business is building models to customer specifications.

What I do NOT do by default is get all in a fluster about whether the correct number of rivets are represented and whether the shape matches the original blueprints to the nanometre - unless that is what you want. I am equally happy building a model straight out of the box as I am adding every conceivable kind of extra detailing and/or correction. It depends entirely on what your requirements and budget dictate.

As you will probably gather from my gallery, my main area of specialism is military aircraft from WWII to the present day, but I do also turn my hand to commercial aircraft, vehicles and ships every now and then too.

So that's me - a prefessional model maker who does it for the love as much as the money. I'd love for you to commission me to build one to your precise specifications. But even if you are just browsing, I hope you enjoy my web site and my models.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch!