Terms of Engagement

So you want to do business?

Unfortunately that means I have to run some small print past you. It's no big deal, we are both grown ups and I am sure we will get through this without problems, but it would be remiss of me not to set out my terms of engagement.

So please read on, this is what you are getting in to...

  • On project agreement, an order document will be issued electronically confirming the project cost and estimated build schedule. It will also contain the details of the agreed deposit payment. Until this deposit is received by BoweModels, the estimated build schedule is not confirmed and no parts will be procured.
  • The cost provided for the project by BoweModels is fixed unless changes to requirements are introduced by the customer, or additional parts are agreed upon.
  • Any international import charges and fees levied as a result of receiving parts from outside the UK will be charged to the customer.
  • The model will be constructed and finished to the highest standard possible within the limitations of the base kit, associated aftermarket products used, and the labour costs quoted. Absolute historical and technical accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
  • All efforts will be made to meet the estimated start and completion dates but some variations may be necessary as a result of delays within this or other earlier projects, late delivery of parts or communication by the customer, or other circumstances beyond our control, and will be communicated as soon as they become apparent.
  • Additional charges may be incurred should requirements be changed or enhanced by the client before or during the build phase.
  • Hi resolution images of the finished model will be made available upon completion for approval. Completed model will be shipped or may be collected on or after receipt of the balance of payment.
  • Payment may be made by PayPal, UK bank transfer (preferred if possible) or cash on collection. PayPal ID is sales@bowemodels.com. Bank account for transfer (UK only) available on request.
  • Model may be collected in person by arrangement, in which case shipping cost will be waived.
  • The customer is responsible for settling any international import charges and fees levied on the finished model when shipped outside the UK.
  • If payment in full is not received within 3 calendar months of completion of work (unless by mutual agreement), BoweModels reserves the right to sell the model on the open market and no refund on any monies already paid will be made.
  • BoweModels reserves the right to publish and share images of the work during and after construction in the public domain for promotional and instructional purposes.

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