What my customers are saying...

I am blessed with a growing band of repeat customers who are without exception extremely happy with my work. I have listed some mentions from a few of them below who have kindly agreed to be quoted in print! My thanks to all who have contributed and I shall add more as they become available.

Most have indicated willingness to communicate directly with any prospective client should you wish to get some independent feedback. Please contact me for details.



"Like many of us, a day job and a busy family life meant that I stopped building models many years ago. Yet the yearning for these beautiful little planes never went away. A few years ago I was very fortunate to come across Steve and I gave him a first commission. The model he built for me was absolutely superb, and throughout the process I found Steve very communicative and determined to ensure that the plane ended up exactly as I wanted it. I was really taken in by the whole experience and very much enjoyed our ongoing discussions over technical details, planes and modelling in general. It was such a pleasure to connect with a fellow enthusiast. Since then, I have taken to giving Steve a new commission every few months, and each time it was a great success. The models are exceptionally good and highly detailed - the published photos being a testament to the quality of his builds - yet he is able to maintain a fair price considering the very high standard and the amount of work he puts in each commission. I really appreciate the care that Steve puts in getting each build just right and his professionalism and attention to detail at every step of the project, from initial discussions, selection of accessories, decals, etc. right to packing and shipping. The timeliness, quality of service and communications are peerless and I would recommend Steve's services without any hesitation to anyone who, like me, has neither the time nor the talent to built the models I nevertheless love. A most delighted customer"

Laurent O.

"I have a passion for model aircraft , but because of my job( KC10 FE ) I rarely have time to sit down with a kit and build it , but I have certain aircraft that are very important to me and would like to display them . Steve has consistently built aircraft for me that are absolutely outstanding . I could never find the time nor have the skills to build such beautiful replicas. Steve has always built to my desires using custom made decals and parts to produce a specific aircraft . As for shipping , he seems to pack them very well . I have never had one arrive damaged in the slightest . I have been a customer for over 5 years and every replica has been over the top ! Bravo sir ! I look forward to doing more business!"

Scott D.

"I had five models from Steve in three years, and I use many builders but Steve is my favourite. The work is amazing in the time and cost and he keeps me informed all the time when he is working for me. He is very fair and loves what he is doing and this is demonstrated in his models. Bravo."

Marc S.

"Throughout the whole build process, Steve not only kept me updated as to progress, but also informed me about key decisions that had to be made in a timely manner (i.e.: Bomb Doors Open?, Removable Top Fuselage? Decal Choice,etc..) to keep the project on track. I am so impressed with Steves manner, professionalism, feedback, etiquette etc that NOT ONLY WOULD I COMPLETELY recommend him for a commission, he should be your 1ST choice. Apart from an excellent model maker, his aviation knowledge in general is simply unmatched."

Roy W.

"I have had two commission builds including diorama bases. Steve is very helpful and keeps you updated with progress of the build with beautiful photos and emphasises any issues he may come up against whilst in the build process. He also has a very good eye to attention to detail, especially when coming to scratch building, the two builds which I have had (B-17G, B-24J 1/72) he was able to scratch build interior details such as parachutes, ammunition boxes, and walkways that were all accurate. I was absolutely amazed by the end result to all the details and added effects. He has a very natural touch, and what's even better is that he has a huge passion for aircraft and you can tell by the way he adds those little touches. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone that is after a very authentic, highly detail model, and who has a very polite, professional manner towards the customer. He really does goes that extra mile in making sure the customer is satisfied. It's been a pleasure doing business with him and will be definitely proceeding with more commission builds."

Michael T.

"I have to say that Steve Bowe is not only a professional modeller, his is an extremely talented one at that. I commissioned him to build a 1/72 scale model of a boeing 737 (Aurora/monogram) that I had won on ebay. The kit was old, basic (no wheel wells) and damaged (missing nose segment from the right fiselage half), plus the decal sheet I gave him was not fitting properly. Despite these handicaps, Steve succeding in building a beautiful model. His attention to detail and his scratch-built additions to the model made a stunning representation of the airliner. Throughout the building process, he kept me informed on the building development with photographs and e-mails. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough to any person who wishes to have their model kit professionally built. "

Dean T.

"Steve's work is phenomenal, going beyond model-making and sitting firmly in the sphere of Fine Art. He produces models of such delicate finesse within miraculously short periods of time and quoting a price range that fits the pockets of normal folk such as myself. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough for both shake and bake kits and impossible short-run nightmares...the end results are equally stunning. I have to pray that inflation passes him by."

Max N.

"I bought one of Steve's stock models and was impressed so much that I immediately ordered a commission and I am really pleased I did. First class service and communications and really fair pricing. What's more Steve is an incredibly nice guy with an amazing passion for the history of his subjects and this shows in his work. First rate!"

Tim C.

"I have now bought many first class, collector quality models from Bowe Models. As a serious collector of aviation display models, it is my opinion that Steve Bowe is a true master modeller. In depth knowledge of the vast aviation industry, sound research and consistently friendly and comprehensive communication, ensures Steve has met my expectations and more on every occasion. Anyone dabbling on E-Bay in the naive hope of winning and receiving a particular model aircraft would be well advised to consider as an alternative, a commission built professional product which will ultimately meet their every desire. (The outstanding Luftwaffe F-104 was one of my requests)"

Rob T.

"I have two models already and will buy many more. He makes beautiful airplanes."

Jean L.

"This guy is such a pleasure to do business with and more importantly, produces top notch models for unbelievable prices."

Justin S.

"I have been looking for someone like Steve for years, who can build me superb quality models for such a reasonable price. I am a frustrated modeller myself, and I can only marvel at what he is able to do. If you are any kind of collector, you will not be disappointed with his work and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Greg T.

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